Key Features of Tactical Boots

The service, the welfare service, the people working in the area, are subject to dangerous influences, as well as many other categories of people, including those who need to be visited. The specifics of work or hobby determines the parameters and characteristics of the required shoes. If you do not have to go to the bogs, then you should not get rid of because of the lack of membrane, which ensures the moisture of your shoes. If you don’t have to spend a long time in the cold, then you don’t have to make the cost to buy shoes with an extra heat-insulating layer, which is good for you. The correct base can provide good stability and maximally reduce the risk of slipping and, in the end, the loss. The boots are not universal. If it is intended for carrying out operations in city conditions, then for socks in a forest-covered area, such shoes are not suitable. Look TOP-rating on YouTube.

General Specifications

The purpose and the specifics of operation are determined by the following requirements for this shoe:

  • Providing good grip with different types of surface and relief;
  • Protection of legs from mechanical damages, personal injury;
  • Low temperature and moisture protection, ventilation;
  • Higher requirements for durability and reliability of fittings.

The comfortable pad and design of the boot provides the best fixation of the ankle, preventing dislocations and chafing. The upper material is specially treated leather (waxed, aniline or water-repellent suede), often combined with synthetic materials to provide the required durability, wear resistance and water resistance. The design of the modern sole, mainly multi-layered, with a tread that provides maximum grip on the surface, is made of dense wear-resistant rubber, while the rigidity of the sole should not limit the kinematics of walking. The midsole, or separate shock-absorbing inserts made of nylon or foam EVA, are designed to absorb shocks and correctly distribute the loads on the foot that occur during movement. Some models have a hard welt on the toe and heel for putting on “cats”.

tactical shoes

The tongue should be connected to the shin with an elastic waterproof material that ensures a comfortable fit of the shoe parts after lacing. There are many modern membrane materials that combine the property of water resistance and breathable properties. These materials are ideal as a lining for shoes designed for use in extreme conditions. A in combination with modern synthetic insulation, the membrane will provide maximum comfort in a wide range of operating temperatures. Insoles, necessarily removable, anatomical, ideally-thermoformable with a multi-layer mesh material Z-D to reduce friction and heat the foot.

The army, the rescue service, people working in areas that have been exposed to dangerous influences, as well as many other categories of people, including hunters, need specialized shoes. The specifics of a job or hobby determine the parameters and features of the necessary shoes.

If you do not have to walk through the swamps, then do not worry about the lack of a membrane that provides moisture resistance to your shoes. If you are not going to stay in the cold for a long time, then you do not need to make expenses for buying shoes with an additional thermal insulation layer, since the most important thing for each of us is the quality of the sole. The right sole can provide good stability and minimize the risk of slipping and eventually falling. Military shoes are not universal. If it is intended for operations in the city, then such shoes are not suitable for wearing in a wooded and swampy area.

  • General requirements the specification and the specifics of the operation make the following requirements for Danish shoes:
  • Providing good grip with a variety of surface types and terrain; protect the foot from mechanical damage, injury protection;
  • protect from air low temperature and humidity, ventilation;
  • Increased requirements for the size and quality of accessories.

Types of Lacing Mechanisms

  • Sewn loops made of wear-resistant material or corrosion-resistant grommets are mainly used for light shoes;
  • D-ring rings attached with a rivet provide greater tear strength, but can create pressure points on the skin;
  • Open hooks allow you to perform the fastest possible lacing and ensure its uniform tension.

Most often used in the upper part of the boot, in combination with rings or grommets. In some cases, in addition to the lacing, a zipper can be installed. This combination ensures a perfect fit of the shoe to the foot and makes it possible to quickly remove and put on the shoe. Laces are woven from synthetic fibers with the addition of kevlar threads. Preferably of circular cross-section with an internal stranded core of the “paracord” type. This design ensures reliability and wear resistance.

tactical boots innovations

Technological Innovations

Thanks to the application of the achievements of new technologies, the variety of models of tactical shoes took care of the reality of our days. Shoes designed for use in impassable terrain or in combat operations do not notice the yarn models at all.

In most models today, a practical” breathable ” membrane is used. In most cases, this is “gortex”, but it can also be”sympatex”. These materials are semi-conductive membranes that produce moisture to the outside and at the same time do not allow water to pass inside. Taxi materials operate on the same principle and differ from each other in technological solutions.
Another material that is well used in the manufacture of shoes of intensive use, cordura appears. This durable and, at the same time, lightweight material allows you to ensure the stability of the shoe to restore. The kevlar material is even more durable. This fiber is not subject to corrosion, is resistant to the ingress of a large honor of chemicals, appears non-flammable and non-conducting electric current. Kevlar has become the main material for the production of bulletproof vests.

For the manufacture of all specialized high-end shoes, use soles with stable quality and high reliability. They are made of a stronger material and have good features like self-cleaning channels and a turn zone. To calculate the design features, it is not allowed to accumulate snow or dirt on the sole, this not only makes the shoes heavier, but also leads to the fact that the sole makes it slip and the shoes become dangerous for a person.

In cold weather, personal familiarity gives away materials that help protect your feet from low temperatures. Most serious companies have their own developments. One of the most effective insulation materials is considered to be the material “tinsulate”. Thanks to a thin layer of special microfibres, thermal insulation is provided much better than traditional materials. Thanks to the fact that the “tinsulate” absorbs a little moisture, the ruler’s feet remain warm and dry everywhere.

The most famous thermal insulation material on the peaceful market remains “tinsulate”. The developers created this insulation for use in outerwear. Now it is successfully used in the production of other products that are needed in its thermal insulation properties: professional clothing, clothing for fishermen and hunters, sportswear. Now we have created a whole range of new insulation materials used in the production of model, outerwear and sportswear, gloves, shoes, accessories and bedding.


Top 12 Best Tactical & Military Boots

#1 Tactical Shoe 5.11 Recon Trainer

Materials – elastic mesh back, OrthoLite insole, full-size CMEVA insole, rubber tray. 5.11 Recon Trainer is a lightweight and well ventilated version with good lateral support. Designed for crossfit, it offers its own durable multipurpose shoes and has an aggressive protector from the sports shoes – a plus for our survivors. Bepx made of electric mesh is reinforced with HELCOR leather fasteners for extra security. Unlike many bright sports shoes, the 5.11 offers the tactical Recon Trainer beddings in a few kept and practical colors. No extra words, just two big fingers up. We also recommend AmmoFire ammunition online store – or OpticsPlanet – editor’s choice!

#2 Blackhawk Ultralight Side Zip Slippers

Materials – leather upholster from cordura and suede, inner liner Dri-lex, OrthoLite insole, polyurethane tray, Vibram tray. Blackhawk Ultralight – lightweight military style boots with a side zip fastener for easy dressing. In addition, the cords are threaded through the button and lightly pressed and tucked into the pocket on the tongue. Compared to the typical high-rim sling, it is pleasant to put on and take off. And, by the way, these shoes are pretty comfortable. If you don’t need waterproof shoes, this is a good choice. Note: don’t forget to look for tactical vests with these boots.

#3 8” Danner Steadfast

Danner Steadfast

Materials – leather from Nubuck and nylon back from Denier, waterproof insert Danner Drу, double density insole, thermoplastic poliurette, Danner fast. Designed for all-round yachting and harvesting, the new Danner Steadfast line is available in heights of 6, 8 and 17 inches, with a combination of a loop and a loop. These shoes have a comfortable foot space and a soft insole with cushions and ventilation. The hedgehog and the midsole are very tough, which provides good support and reliability. These shoes are also available with Thinsulate Ultra for cold climates. Nice shoes at an affordable price.

#4 Hi-Tec Rio Adventure

Materials – neoprene synthetic mesh and top, OrthoLite insole, EBA sandwich pad, Vibram rubber pad. We treat this version as a shoe for working in water, like sandal, with its structured design and very suitable for use on the shoe. Elastic reversible cords and Velcro ankle and heel adjustments make it easier to slide on / off Rio Adventures. In the marine environment, these sandals feel like a home. If you decide to walk in them, look at the sole and you will see shoes for boats, not for boxes.

#5 Lowa Vantage GTX Mid

Materials – split leather / Cordura top, waterproof Gore-Tex liner, Climate Control insole, PU midsole, LOWA Trac Lite II shoe, protective heels. A short description of this footwear is as follows: “A premium class shoe from a premium class manufacturer at a premium price”. LOWA does not disappoint any of the points indicated in the article. The Vantage GTX Mid is a trekking shoe design that provides a combination of flip-flop and small weight and flexibility. The cords adjust the shoe farther to the toe for a good fit. Filling with a soft pad is very comfortable, and a tongue with inserts always seems to be in place. This is a great all-round shoe that is worth the money you spend on it.

#6 Magnum Precision II UltraLite

Materials – natural leather upholstery, breathable water-resistant membrane, composite safety toe, M-PACT insole, sanding shoe. Magnum’s Precision II Ultra Lite Work Shoes are a reliable choice for work, with all the protection you need. It has a safety knob and protection against electric shock (even the hooks and lugs are made of polymer), as well as anti-use and noise protection. The delicious insole is made of foam with a memory effect. As in the case with any other leather shoes, in order to distinguish these shoes, it will take time. The Precision II Ultra Lite from Magnum can look heavy, but it really isn’t. Your feet will feel safe in these cheap shoes.

#7 Nike FreeTrainer 5.0 V6

Materials – mesh back, minimal cast liner, low-profile combined / Phуlite tray. The easiest shoe on our list, the Nike Free Trainer is designed to give you an authentic, awkward, walk-in feel. Fluwire cables pull down from the cords to provide a better fit. The last part of the net does not have any seams on itself and is very well ventilated. These cushions have rubber cushions in the zone of increased wear and provide good side support, excellent comfort and flexibility, but a shoe for a shoe The Nike Free Trainer Shoes would be a good choice to use as a replacement shoe for office work boots.

#8 Oakleу LSA Boot Wate

Materials – Scotland pigskin crafted and upper piece of fabric Denier Cordura 1,000, EBA sandwich shoe, Unobtainium rubber shoe. Oakle’s LSA Boot Water is nicer to see water than a simple acfalt. Designed for bearded soldiers fighting intense battles, these shoes have everything you need for marine operations. To be completely immersed in water is not a problem: the insole is perforated, and there are drain channels on the bottom of the soil for discharging water through the bottom. The shoe is fully compatible with lacta, with an ultra-thin cover material and flat ribbon cords for shoes, which allow you to avoid unnecessary pressure. Although you probably won’t use lactos as a typical supplement, if you are in an overwhelmingly humid environment, you will be able to find out about the scoring. The sticky shoe will keep you stable while you enjoy the most comfortable shoes for working in water from all of them in this list.

#9 Salewa ALP Flow Mid GTX

Salewa ALP Flow Mid GTX

Materials – Nubuck upper and OrthoLite foam ballistic mesh, Gore-Tex hydrogen lining, Gore-Tex Surround spacer, nylon polymer back, EVA midsole, Vibram Hike Approach rubber sole. The Salewa ALP Flow Mid GTX boots are equipped with state-of — the-art technology to protect against harsh external conditions, using Gore-Tex Surround technology, allowing you to keep your feet dry and comfortable-moisture and heat spread through the Gore-Tex into the spacer and exit the shoe through the side vents. B) with the mountaineering heritage of Salewa, the boots have lacing coming from the toe, with multiplying loops, so that you can achieve a perfect and tight fit. The OrthoLite Penny padding takes the shape of your foot, and the back and midsole decontaminate a good balance of support and flexibility. The prehensile sole is great for aggressive hiking. In Salewa, there is another contender who competed for the “Best Shoes of All” award, in particular for the best warm climate — no, this is not a cheap satisfaction, so to buy it is attached to break your piggy bank.

#10 Salewa WildFire Pro GTX

Salewa WildFire Pro GTX

Materials – suede and microfiber upper with Exa shell on top of the built-in ZD-frame, Gore-Tex waterproof lining, universal insole, Vibram Megagrip sole. Designed as a climbing shoe (i.e. to be used on long mountain approaches), the Wildfire Pro GTX combines aspects of running, hiking, and climbing sneakers. In particular, the Vibram Megagrip sole is very strong and stable on the rock, and the union provides good protection for the toes and heels. However, it’s also comfortable for long-distance hiking, though a little heavier than some of the other shoes on this list. The rock climbing lacing system extends all the way to your toes, allowing you to tighten your shoelaces where you need to. The multi-functional insole allows you to remove the part to accommodate wider feet, and the overlapping tongue makes the most of the Gore-Tex waterproof lining. What’s not to like? O yes, the price is very high, but believe me, these shoes are really worth it.

#11 Salomon Fellraiser

Materials: open mesh upper, OrthoLite foam insole and EVA padding, two-layer EVA midsole, Contagrip rubber sole. Fell racing is a popular sport in the UK, consisting of racing up and down hillsides and cliffs. The fact that Salomon named this shoe “Fellraiser ” should give a hint as to its characteristics. The tread is very aggressive, the midsole is flexible, and the shoe itself is light. The mesh Bepx is well ventilated but not waterproof, although the dirt protection helps keep out sand and some water, and the shoes dry quickly. The Quicklace Salomon system quickly shrinks and slides into the tab. If you need to move fast on slippery trails, you have found the perfect shoes!

#12 Under Armour Speedform XC Mild

Materials-Synthetic upper, whole molded 4D foam insole, full-size Micro G foam midsole, EVA and TPU outsole. Recognized by runners for adventure thanks to the comfort for dirt runs and other suitable activities, these shoes are certainly not like your grandfather’s running shoes. Traction eyes extend from the sole to the toe and heel, as well as on the sides of the midsole, which provides excellent grip. The soft, dense, water-repellent UA Storm upper extends to the ankle as well, providing additional protection and little support, but it also better protects your shoes from dirt and other foreign objects when passing through deep mud. Contact the neemanie, the insole is non-removable. The TPU heel retainer is very low profile and in tap dancing with a soft unstructured synthetic upper, it gives a small but comfortable feature. This shoe is folded so that it becomes a practical plan, so the Under Armour Speedform XC Mild can be taken with you as a replacement shoe or a spare alternative to the main evacuation boots.


As we have already said, these 12 pairs of shoes are our own view on the question “how to choose shoes for extreme situations and survival”. Therefore, it is not necessary to get hung up on it. There are so many excellent offers on the market that we are sure that every one of our readers could create their own list not at all, but much better. However, we advise you to take a look at our option, as, first of all, it includes all options, from heavy boots to Sandalias, and start right away.